Potholes, by the numbers.

Two million, fourteen thousand, nine hundred and sixty-seven to be precise. That’s how many potholes Conservative-run councils have fixed since 2016.

A statement on Brexit from Jonathan Lord MP

In the ‘Meaningful Vote’ on 15th January, Parliament made it absolutely clear that it was unwilling to support the Prime Minister’s EU deal as it stood.

Our Plan For Woking - Have Your Say

Ahead of 2019 the local elections, Woking Conservatives have revealed our plan for Woking.  This is what we believe are the key issues for Woking going forwards but we also want to hear from you on what matters to you in our borough.

Join our Campaign for 2019

Woking Conservatives campaign for the 2019 Borough Council Elections is in full flow.  Currently the Conservatives have a majority on Woking Borough Council holding 16 of the 30 seats.  We are working hard to make sure we deliver as many Conservative councillors as possible in May.