Our Plan For Woking - Have Your Say

Ahead of 2019 the local elections, Woking Conservatives have revealed our plan for Woking.  This is what we believe are the key issues for Woking going forwards but we also want to hear from you on what matters to you in our borough.

You can have your say by completing our survey at www.wokingconservatives.org.uk/our-plan-survey


1. Investing in Woking's economy and attracting new business.  We have invested in Woking's Town Centre to attract new restaurants to Commercial Way.  As the town centre expands and continues to thrive, we're also bringing back Marks and Spencer.

2. Buy your home - with the Earn your Deposit Scheme.  People who rent from Thameswey will get the chance to buy their home.  If you pay your rent on time while being a good neighbour - we'll put money aside every year.  When enough money has been put aside, we'll give it to you as a deposit for your home.

3. Building the houses that Woking needs to thrive.  NHS staff and teachers are vital to Woking.  That's why we're building a range of new homes for workers like doctors and nurses from Kingsmoor Park to Victoria Square.

4. We're cutting congestion.  Residents are sick of congestion around Victoria Arch.  That's why we want to widen the Arch for traffic and pedestrians.  We're working with ministers to get the funding to make that happen.

5. Protecting our precious green belt. On the doorstep, residents say that they're worried about our green belt.  That's why we are determined that Woking does not merge with other towns.  The town centre will be our focus, not our green spaces.

6. A modern railway station for Woking.  Woking Station is a major junction serving thousands of customers every day, however, it's now showing its age.  We will work with Network Rail to achieve a modern railway station providing a better experience for you.