Beryl Hunwicks

Beryl Hunwicks was first elected to Woking Borough Council in 2007 and represented the ward of Horsell West. In the boundary changes in 2015 she became the Ward Councillor for Horsell. She has lived in Woking for well over 45 years most of those in Horsell. She is married, has two married daughters and five grandchildren.
Beryl has been on the Executive Committee since 2008 and oversees the Borough's Environmental Agenda, Health and Wellbeing and Community Safety areas. She is passionate that Woking is known as a place where everyone is welcome, can enjoy the green spaces that we care for and protect and can feel they have a part to play.
She is passionate too that her residents are heard and their concerns are addressed. Over the years she has worked closely with the Residents Association and the projects that they have set up ( Woodlanders Group, Horsell Prepared and HGWells the man) as well as their local annual events.

Nancy Martin

Nancy was elected as a Borough Councillor for Horsell in 2018. 

Kevin Davis

Kevin is a councillor for Heathlands ward and is a member of the Executive on Woking Borough Council with responsibilities including the environment and promoting the local economy.

Gordon Jackson

Gordon was elected as a Councillor for Pirbright in 2010 and is actively involved in the village community and in local issues.   He is particularly interested in the countryside and arts and heritage and in promoting economic development.  Gordon has lived in Pirbright for over 30 years and is married with 3 children.  Before retiring in 2009, he was a senior partner and former managing partner of a large City of London law firm specialising in corporate law.

Gary Elson

Gary Elson

Gary was elected as the borough councillor for Pyrford in 2019.