Councillors deliver action on speeding

Mount Hermon East Councillor Carl Thomson and Woking South East County Councillor Liz Bowes are pleased to report that they havebeen successful in persuading Surrey County Council to introduce traffic calming measures in areas of Mount Hermon where residents have complained about problems with speeding.

After a number of accidents on the junction of Old Woking Road and Maybury Hill, the County Council has agreed to introduce traffic islands on each approach to Maybury Hill to narrow the lanes.  The island in Maybury Hill will also be moved closer to Old Woking Road to make the junction more visible to traffic approaching from Old Woking.

The County Council has also agreed to introduce and fund a built out feature on Park Road to encourage motorists to watch their speed, following representations by residents.

Carl Thomson said: "I'm pleased Surrey County Council has listened to our campaign and the concerns of residents, and that these works will be delivered this financial year.  Residents in Park Road will be particularly reassured given that speeding has been a major concern for several years.  I recently went out with the local SpeedWatch patrol and saw for myself how bad the problem was, so it is good that the need for effective traffic calming measures has been recognised."